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I’m as big a visual technology nerd as the next guy, but what I really, really like is to use my camera in the service of telling stories. Since graduating from UT-Austin and beginning my journalism career, I’ve gotten to work on some pretty interesting ones:

The case of the stolen parrot

Nationally recognized project on economic inequality along race lines in Austin 

Helping Scott Garred make a record

Weddings at hill country vineyards  and county courthouses 

And if you want to keep clicking on my work, have at it. There’s plenty.

Yes, I’m legit

Sometimes I win awards. I get rave reviews (see below). And of course, here’s my portfolio.

“Working with Kelly West has been a defining aspect of our business and absolutely crucial to our growth over the past ten years as an Austin-based small business. Kelly took the time to understand who we were, what we stood for and our vision. She produced visuals in video and photo form that captured our brand and method beyond expectations. Her skill, professionalism and attention to detail elevated our image, marketing materials and presence in our community in a way that has been deeply impactful on our success. We treasure our almost decade long relationship with Kelly and know that would not be where we are today without her magic. No one else compares!”
Elisabeth Kristof, Co-owner and Co-director of RedBird Pilates and Fitness

“Like most couples, Erin and I could only catch a few glimpses of all that happened during our wedding and reception. Kelly not only captured the revelry and the people, she did so in a way that told the full story of the evening — and gave us a chance to experience the celebration in ways we never could’ve otherwise.”
Dan Zehr, wedding client

Kelly West is a professional, but more than that, she’s a joy to work with. I found myself immediately at ease with her. I appreciate her skilled, unobtrusive style of capturing what I do in what could have been a chaotic situation. It was a pleasure to work with her, and I was extremely happy with the outcome.
Dianne Scott, video subject


In a perfect world, it begins with a conversation. We’ll talk about your goals for the shoot, the message you want to convey, and the specifics of your personal landscape. Getting to know you helps me to craft and refine your story–even if you’re not sure what it looks like yet. Once the project begins, I’ll occupy the background. You might forget I’m there. You might relax and be yourself. We’ll see what develops.


Email: kelly@kellywestphoto.com
Phone: 512.517.7444


I make pickles. I grow my own food. I swim year-round. I’m a journalist—proud member of a dying breed. I’m a Texan. I play drums in the Yes Ma’am Brass Band. If this were 1872, I’d be homesteading my claim on the great American prairie and taking winters off to work for women’s suffrage. If this were pre-WWII Paris, I’d have a studio in Montmartre. If you want to speak to my immediate supervisor, see my red heeler, Seamus.

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